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MiSOFT Services, which was founded in 2006, is a company that provides IT solutions, business solutions, and outsourced solutions to minuscule, medium, and sizably voluminous-scale businesses and organizations. It is one of the India's major IT service providers, providing superior services to a diverse variety of business sectors.

With today's perpetually shifting technology and business environments, it's more consequential than ever for firms to embrace them with qualified employees to expedite their magnification. To stay up with the expanding market and acquire competitive advantages, our professionals endeavor to find ingenious solutions. With tough competition and rigorous globalization, it has become essential for businesses to utilize the advantage of outsourcing services and expertise to prosper. This outsourcing firm retains highly adept employees, extensive expertise, services, cutting-edge technology, and cost-efficacious services to enable organizations to achieve their full potential.

  • Accessibility Remediation
  • Data Entry Services – Online and Offline
  • Data Processing Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Data Quality Management Services
  • eCommerce Catalog Processing Services
  • Data Mining and Web Research Services
  • Photo Editing
  • Information Technology

MiSOFT Services is one of the India's major IT and BPO service providers, with clients all around the world. We provide a wide range of services, including dynamic and bespoke data processing, services, book and document scanning and conversion, business process outsourcing, dedicated resource recruiting, and more. Our services are deployed to working with cutting-edge infrastructural facilities to meet our clients' demands. We've engaged top-tier professionals from across the world with the experience and subject cognizance to provide clients with novel innovations. We've coalesced high-tech innovations and implements into our system to avail you stay ahead of the competition in this digital age.

Our proactive staff works strenuously to gratify our clients' demands by establishing an open line of communication with them, catering to their desiderata, and implementing solutions until the objectives are met. Our work verbalizes for itself, as we strive to provide our clients with prosperous tactics that delight them in receiving incipient business possibilities for a long time, consequently incrementing their sales. We consistently keep up the great work by offering our sempiternal client support. Our vigor is derived in providing customized solutions to every minute and sizably voluminous business, as we agnize that each has its own set of injuctive authorizations and target audience to accommodate.


We at MiSOFT Services offer our clients excellent services with client contentment as our major goal. We work with companies to avail them to expedite their business procedures and enter the market expeditiously. Furthermore, we avail clientele to relinquish the full power of business through our services, which provide them with consequential value in the following ways:

  • More than decades in-depth experience.
  • More than 10,000 clients are accommodated in more than 10 countries.
  • 50k+ projects consummated prosperously.
  • Client-focused strategy.
  • The client retention rate is 99.9%.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure facilities.
  • Integration of cutting-edge technology and timely ameliorations.
  • Use of endeavored-and-veridical company magnification methods.
  • Access to a pool of highly eligible and experienced personnel.
  • Competence in outsourcing services is a commitment.
  • Data and storage systems with advanced data security.
  • Rigorous quality assurance inspection.

Let's verbalize about how we can avail you find the felicitous services and implement business solutions that will make a difference in your sector. We would be delectated to avail you!

Why do our clients choose us? Because We Add

'REAL VALUE' & Keeps Things Simple!

  • We work as Partners!
  • Client Comes First!
  • Honesty & Transparency!
  • Business Domain Area Consulting Experts!
  • Unmatched Attention to Detailing & Excellent Communication!
  • Efficient Processes & On time delivery!
  • We are always Available!
  • Offshore Outsourcing with Dedicated Account Managers hence Cost Effective!

Lastly, our team comprises of some of the highly technical and innovative brains on the planet and we mean it!

Work with the Expert!

Our list of happy customers is huge and keeps growing each and every day as we deliver top-notch quality service to our clients. Our clients come from small, medium and Large, and they keep coming back for a reliable business solution.

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