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Do you want to start outsourcing your company projects, but your reservations about the process are preventing you from doing so? Don't allow your doubts to get in the way of your success. Read through these commonly asked questions about outsourcing and get started right now.

1. What is the purpose of MiSOFT Services?

MiSOFT Services has been a pioneer in outsourcing, delivering technology-driven outsourced solutions to worldwide corporations. MiSOFT Services is based in Salem, Tamilnadu and UK. When you outsource to our organization, you can be confident that your outsourcing will be risk-free. Several international clients have decided to work with us. In addition to delivering services, we endeavor to achieve our clients' business objectives.

2. What are the services provided in your organization?

  • Data Entry services.
  • Data Processing services.
  • Data Conversion Services.
  • Data collection Services.
  • Typing services.
  • Image editing services.
  • Information Technology services.
  • Accessibility Remediation services.
  • Data cleansing Services.
  • Web Research services.

3. If I outsource my project to MiSOFT Services, how will it be handled?

When you outsource to MiSOFT Services, you can rest confident that your project will be a triumph.

Trial: When you outsource to us for the first time, we will initiate a trial period to reduce your outsourcing risks. You can evaluate our performance once the trial is over and decide to outsource your entire project to MiSOFT Services.

Project transition: During this phase, we adopt a "Process knowledge transfer methodology" to guarantee that your project is seamlessly transferred to our business. Outsourcing risks are reduced by our smooth project transition.

Project management: You will have a single point of contact throughout the project until it is completed. Our effective project management abilities have made us a popular choice among international corporations.

Client relationship management: When you outsource to our organization, you can be confident that you are receiving the best service. Throughout the process, we will solicit your comments regularly and incorporate them into your project.

4. Are your services reasonably priced?

Yes. When you outsource to MiSOFT Services, you can expect to save between 40-50% on your operational expenditures. We deliver cost-effective services to our clients without compromising on quality. Now is the time to outsource and gain access to high-quality solutions with us.

5. What is your Turnaround Time?

You've arrived at the perfect site if you need your services delivered quickly. Our faster turn-around time is one of the advantages we provide to our clients. When you outsource to MiSOFT Services, you can receive the benefit of getting your services delivered ahead of time.

6. What credentials do your employees possess?

Only graduates are considered for positions at MiSOFT Services. Every one of our staff has a graduate or post-graduate degree. We hire employees with degrees in engineering, statistics, English literature, research, finance, and communication for skilled services like research and analytics. To guarantee that we provide excellent solutions to our clients. We only engage skilled and experienced individuals.

7. Is your infrastructure and technology up to the date to support my business processes?

Yes. We deploy the greatest and most up-to-date software, technology, and infrastructure available. You can save money on expensive software and technology by outsourcing since we deploy the best of both.

8. Do you sign non-disclosure agreements and service level agreements (SLAs)?

Yes. Every client who outsources to us signs a non-disclosure agreement and a service level agreement. When you outsource to us, you won't have to worry about anything.

9. What about MiSOFT Services' security?

We provide security, privacy, and confidentiality at every stage of the outsourced process. We deploy the most advanced security methods to ensure that our client's personal information is kept safe and secure.

Here's a rundown of some of the security precautions we utilize at MiSOFT Services.

  • At the commencement of every project, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client and a non-disclosure bond with our personnel.
  • For inbound and outbound security, we deploy firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).
  • External storage devices (Floppy/CD drives/USB ports) are not available on any of our systems.
  • Passwords are used to safeguard all of our systems and e-mails.
  • Our cabinets are fire-resistant, and we store documents in an off-site storage facility.

10. How will I pay you if I outsource to your organization?

You have the option of paying us via cheque or wire transfer. If you want to pay by another method, please contact one of our sales representatives.

11. What is the procedure for signing off on a contract or work order?

You must fill out the information in a certain manner and send us a signed copy. You can also send us your work order as an attachment to an email.

12. I want to hire MiSOFT Services to help me out. So, what should I do now?

Simply fill out our contact form with the services you want and project specifics, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to take your outsourcing partnership to the next level.

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