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At Misoft Services, we give dedicated attention to our customers on their various project requirements either it might be one time or regular basis. We have been serving various industries including medium and large size companies globally and successfully completed their requirements at cost effective pricing. Read our success stories to know more about how we helped our clients on their various projects.

  • Data Entry Services Testimonials

    Misoft Services team have been crucial in providing data entry and data analysis services. They are highly experienced and provide a fantastic quality service with very quick response time.

    CEO - Public Information Company in London

  • ePublishing Services Testimonials

    We are glad to use Misoft Services for various ePub requirements. We have been extremely satisfied with their quality of work with the main soul being giving attention to small details. We are very grateful to the entire team for the wonderful support extended to our publishing house in converting our eBooks. It was indeed pleasure working with you. We never expected the delivery so soon. We won’t hesitate one bit in suggesting your services to other publishers.

    Director - Operations, Publishing Company in US

  • Data Conversion Services Testimonials

    Misoft impressed me! I used Misoft this year for 4 projects. Their communication via email was outstanding. They checked in regularly, followed all feedback instructions, and kept on target with projected date due.

    Senior Vice President, An Office Supply Retailing Company in US

  • Data Collection Services Testimonials

    I truly enjoyed working with the team. Everyone was very helpful, highly responsive and very professional.

    Quality Assurance Manager, A Leading Utility Company, US

  • Data Processing Services Testimonials

    The thing I like the most about Misoft Services is that you get to outsource processes at a low cost to high performers abroad. You get a full team for the price of a minimum wage employee in US. They make the on-boarding easy by understanding the process and creating a step by step document that is updated constantly by my own Misoft Services employee. Communication is easy and I get a daily report of what was done and have seen great results!.

    CEO - eCommerce company in Florida, USA

  • Working with Misoft Services’s virtual employees has been a huge benefit for our company. Very little training was required, and our virtual employees were able to grasp each project quickly. Their work has been exceptional and they have always been extremely responsive and reliable – they are great with communicating any issues that arise and they provide detailed performance reports. We would definitely recommend Misoft Services to any other companies looking to increase their efficiency and productivity..

    VP - Information Services Company, US

  • It has been a good working experience with prompt and effective data entry and data analysis services from Misoft Services. We look forward to furthering association in the future. We were very impressed with their client services, coupled with their ability to quickly absorb both business requirements and data complexities were outstanding.

    President, Travel Company in US

  • A totally brilliant and professional service. I am glad I found Misoft Services so early on in my search and, I must say, I am a happy customer! Very skilled and professional team. I can’t recommend this company enough!.

    CEO - Finance and Investment Company, US

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